Keyboard shortcuts

I find it ironic that one can’t navigate the Keyboard shortcuts panel itself via the keyboard. :thinking:

At the very least, I would expect the Search shortcuts input to be auto-focused.


Hello @skube keywork navigation is one of the accessibility improvements we want to include. I’m very sorry to tell you that is not available right now, we can follow our advances in it following this link
This US is on design definition


Just here to voice interest in the request to have more keyboard navigation support for things like selecting children and siblings within parents.

Hello @hungrysquirrel
Can you tell me a little bit more about your idea?

@Eva_Marco I am used to Figma’s keyboard shortcuts to select children within parents etc. IMO it would be easier for me to move to Penpot if I did not need to learn a whole new set of keyboard shortcuts.

Hi @hungrysquirrel
Some of our keyboard shortcuts are very similar to other applications, some are not.
We want to implement a way to customize your keyboard shortcuts, you can check it in our backlog, here With that you could choose the shortcuts you prefer.

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I think you folks are already working on some areas that will likely address some the challenges I had today, with keyboard shortcut customization and retooling/refining your components tools set, so this may be mute.

However today especially I found that these to issues slow down my work a make the need to redo things manual necessary. My example:

When making a group of 16 button I started by making it a component, then duplicated it 15 time, then edit the first button to my need, then when trying to apply those changes to the child buttons, they didn’t take … likely because I change something on them, so I had to reset manually on each of the 15 buttons.

Finer control over the components would be very useful in this situation or even a tick/switch for auto update of components. This could be made easier if there was a shortcut keyboard command for rest components, but I could not find one.

Just wanted to share my pain point, while it was fresh. Hopefully this is useful. Thanks to the team for your conituned progress making Penpot a viable alternative to other close source solutions.

Hello @xman.
We are working on a huge component refactor. You will be hearing about it very soon, Stay tooned¡


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, Hi @Eva_Marco, yeah I was alluded to that in my post … since I remember it was talked about on the live launch video. Pablo mentioned that it was going to be in the launch addition, but ended up need a bit more work, which I’m happy to wait for less bugs and happier devs.

I’m looking forward to getting improved, like flex-layout did.

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I hope we can show you a sneak peek about it soon.
And we will be happy as well with less buggs and happier users¡¡ :slight_smile:

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Is that still in development ? Custom shortcuts are a big thing i’ve been waiting for years now (never happend to Figma to my knowledge, and was the only thing for me not making it to figma. Hope it will come to Penpot). PS : AZERTY here

Components are in development, custome shortcuts is on our backlog.

Hey there, what a quick reply, thx ! So no custom shortcuts in the near future i assume. Keep it up, i’ll be glad to work with Penpot on daily basis when that will be available. So looking forward for it ! Cheers

We will work hard on it¡¡ thanks