Is there any way to restore a deleted Penpot file with comments?


I’ve a Team project on Penpot. I exported a Penpot file locally, and then removed the file from the team accidentally.

I realized, the comments weren’t saved with the exported Penpot file, so when I re-import it, the comments are missing (as maybe expected). Is there any way to recover comments, that were once part of a file? (Or to recover a file with comments, that I’ve deleted from the web interface?) There were lots of important comments within the file, so it’d be really nice to get it back.

(The reason why I did these export-import actions is, that there were some ‘cross-team’ custom font bugs / issues I tried to resolve, and wasn’t cautious enough as it seems…)

Thanks so much in advance!

Márton Lente

Sorry. The comments are not included in an exported file, because they are not considered exactly part of the file content. For example, as they include user information, could cause privacity issues if the file is imported in other team (and some more considerations).

If you accidentally delete the file, perhaps we can help you. Please write to and send us, if possible, a link to the deleted file. If not, tell us your email in Penpot and the name of the file, and we’ll see what can we do.

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Thanks @hirunatan for the clarification, and help!

I just sent an email regarding this to the email address above.

I’ve just answered via, we were luck and your file should be alive again :wink:


Wow, thank you @Alex ! Now I see the comments again, which is super great! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really appreciate!