Bug deleted all my files, support not responding

Hi together,
I am not sure, if it’s right to post here, but because of (assume it is a bug) all my Penpot files have been deleted from my project. I wanted to delete one, which was actually the source of a shared library, but it wiped all my files, even when they were not connected to that library at all.

Stupid me, I didn’t make a local backup of those files and reached out to the support two days (I know it might be short), but they didn’t respond and with every day passing by, I lose the faith in restoring them. Did some one else face the same issue? Was the support able to restore those files? What can I do? I am desparated at the moment because I need those files.

Why is there no proper warning or a thrash bin, ffs?! Anyway, I would be happy about any help from the support or anyone else…

Hi @devinside,

Thank your for reporting this! We didn’t receive the email, could you please confirm that you sent it to support@penpot.app?

In any case, if you could reach out to this email address with the name of the project, as well as a link we will look into it!


Hey @madalenam
I’d actually send you two. One on wednesday morning and the day after.

You should have the third mail.

@devinside I have checked internally and I couldn’t find any tickets regarding this issue. When sending the email to support@penpot.app you should have received a ticket #, would you be able to share that # so that I can track down your ticket?

Could you also confirm the URL you are using when working with Penpot?

Hey, sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t write via any Ticketsystem, cause I didn’t know that it exists. I wrote direclty to the support@penpoot.app as you told me.

Hello @devinside sorry, we found the issue with our support system. The team is looking into your files now

@devinside we have restored the files, could you double-check?


Wow, thank you tears of joy
Everything is there where it belongs to. Thank you so much. Still: we need a trash bin or something, where we have time to restore accidently deleted files. :slight_smile: