Deletion needs to be undoable!

So, my biggest issue with penpot is how easy it is to erroneously select the wrong element. This is a particularly vexing problem when you think you have one item selected and delete it, but find out that you instead had an entire component (or worse entire board). Undo doesn’t do anything because deletion/creation of elements is not tracked in the undo/redo list. We NEED a way to undo deletions so that we don’t wind up with 2 hours of work wiped by one erroneous key press. So, does this already exist and I’m just missing how to do it?


That sounds like a bug. Just to understand you correctly: If you add a rectangle to the board or delete it, it does not disappear / reappear when you undo/redo?

Yep. Looking at it more closely now that I’m over the panic of losing an hour’s work, it looks like it’s an issue with doing too many operations at once (or maybe deleting multiple things at once) that causes the operation to not be logged in the history, and then it can’t be undone/redone.

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I’ve run into that before. And yes you need to be careful. I export when ever I’m at a point I don’t want to redo what ever it is I did. Hopefully this get better over time.

I also encountered bugs with undo and redo operation. When an element is accidentally edited or moved, if I try to undo many a times it doesn’t do anything. When I encounter this issue again, I will try and see if I can record it

@Kurohyou , @xman , @pmabdullah87

yikes, that is annoying! Can you find a way to reproduce these problems and give me (or others) instructions how to replicate the problem (usually in a list of steps: Create 10 rectangles, select all, move them, delete → now undo is broken). This can be very helpful to fix such problems.
Ideally, this would get reported on github but if you post it here, I (or someone else) can put it there as well.


I have not been able to recreate this issues yet in a test file. But will keep trying when I have time. I wonder if it has to do with the size and complexity of your file your working on.

For me going from memory it happened, during text changes, flex-layout changes, editing some child elements that are nestled in maybe 3-4 deep. That’s all I can remember right now.

Hopefully I can reproduce it, unless the issues worked it self out :D.

Thanks @jdittrich for inquiring in on it. I appreciate the responsiveness of penpot dev team so far.

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Hi @xman, thanks for reposting this. Could you create an issue in GitHub with all the information you have?


Same here… I also could not reproduce but I remember I faced these issues when working with flex layout and the file was getting a bit big. Maybe like you pointed out, it had something to do with the size / complexity of the file


Does it make sense to create a github issues if I/we can’t reproduce it? I’m happy to of course, but would be able to offer anything else then I did here.

I’ve created a test board in my complicated project, this way if it start happening I can hopefully capture the screen and is something I can actually share.

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Hi @xman, the github issue is the way the team manage bugs. You can share all the info you have there that you have