Is there a way to add animated elements to a design?

New to penpot!

I am looking for a way to embed video/gifs/SVG animation (or even .lottie files if that is possible). My goal is to create a design portfolio I can send a link to. Does the functionality exist yet?

As an add on to this (as I said I am new to the tool so sorry if this is quite basic), can you edit the HTML directly from the ‘Inspect’ view, or is this purely for Copy/Paste?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Hello @Modpodge!

At the moment is not possible to add animated elements to any page. Right now there’s just a few animations for transitions on interaction, and that’s it. It seems there’s some work to improve in this direction, but I don’t know if it’s the priority of Kaleidos for the next update. Maybe a bit ahead of time they will focus on this.

Hi @Modpodge !
You can actually embed gif files and they’ll be animated.

But it is not supported in all browsers.
Chromium based browsers don’t animate the gif, whereas Firefox for example does (both in the canvas and in the preview mode).

You can read @diacritica 's explanations about it on this thread : Best way to create slides/presentations with Penpot? - #6 by astrojuanlu

Hope it helps !

Wow! Had no idea of that! :exploding_head::exploding_head: