'Smart Animate' feature

Hello Penpot community! :wave:
Do we have ‘Smart Animate’ feature like Figma for to create seamless animations? Or is it planned?

Thank you!


Hi @merih We have plans to improve Penpot prototype interactions and animations. We have to work on defining this part in depth.

“Smart Animate” is a powerful feature that makes the difference when making prototypes . The results bring the final prototype experience closer to final product behaviour. It is also really complex to develop (matching layers, recognizes differences…)

The interesting thing here will be to investigate about SVG animations and their possibilities. There is still a lot of work to do with the interactions in Penpot. We hope to be able to take advantage of the web standards that Penpot currently use :slight_smile:

Since PenPot is based on SVGs you guys should have a look at this browser application for creating animated SVGs.

It’s probably one of the best on the market and neither Adobe or anyone else does properly animated svgs.

If you would add some timeline animations and option to export animated svgs for websites, that would be on another new level and would get you ton of users from the web side.
This SVGator has exports also for mobile/react, etc. These are extremely useful to hand over directly the animated buttons, custom toggles, etc. to devs.