Invitation only self-hosted setup

Hey all,

To start off - I’m running Penpot v1.16 through docker.

I’m having issue figuring out how to make invitation only setup working. I’ve set up SMTP and all that without issues within minutes. I’m getting invitation links but whenever I click them I get redirected to login page.

These are the flags I’m using:

PENPOT_FLAGS=disable-registration enable-email-verification enable-login enable-smtp

When I’ve used enable-registration flag then I was redirected to register account form but that also have enabled everyone on the Internet to be able to sign up and login which I’d like to avoid.

So my question is - what should I do to make Penpot work with invitation only setup? I’ve looked around source trying to figure out what are all the possible flags and combinations and what they do. Though I really find it hard to understand Clojure. I guess for now I can just use

EDIT: I’ve searched around github/gitter/forum for answers to this question but couldn’t find anything specific.


Hey @Furai

I have tested it, and yes, we have bug in this part.

At least I have reproduced the bug trying accept invitation in the browser when I have had previously a session (that is right now expired). A workaround I guess is to accept invitation in an incognito mode tab. In any case this will be fixed in the next release.

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Thank you for testing! Do you want me to report a bug on github?

Thanks, but is not necessary, I’m already working on it and it’s already tracked internally (the fix is included in this PR: Enhancements & Bugfixes by niwinz · Pull Request #2661 · penpot/penpot · GitHub)