Import all fonts from the user's computer

The problem with penpot is that in order to import the font, we have to enter the fonts individually into the application, while in similar software, all the user’s fonts are entered into the application from the user’s computer, and this feature gives a freer space to the designer.

This is definitely a side effect of it being a web based application. I’d be curious to know whether Figma has a solution to this, or if it’s also limited in this way. I’d assume it would be. Perhaps with the exception of maybe pre-populating Google fonts?

If I’m not mistaken, Figma has provided an additional software to solve this problem
But another web program called “Photopea” loads all fonts from the user’s computer without additional software

I was curious about how Photopea loads system fonts because I don’t believe that browsers provide an API for that, so I decided to see what they say. According to the bottom of this page, they don’t do that. They preload open licensed fonts. They may load many of the ones that you have installed on your system, so you assumed it was loading them all? Photopea - Text Style

A good way to verify would be to see if Segoe is loaded on a Windows machine or San Francisco is loaded on a Mac.