I'm looking for a library to create low-fidelity / hand-drawn wireframes like Balsamiq does


Do you know if there is a “libraries and templates” to create low-fidelity / hand-drawn wireframes like Balsamiq, for example:

I like the “hand-drawn” look, because I think it conveys the following ideas: it’s a draft, it’s not finished, it’s unfinished.

I searched on:

  • Penpot | Libraries & Templates
    • I found: “Wireframe kit” but I find it too “clean”, too precise.
  • community.penpot.app
    • “wireframe” keyword
    • “low fidelity” keyword
    • “hand drawn” keyword

I haven’t found anything that suits my needs.

Do you have any idea if this type of bookseller exists?
Do you find hand-drawn wireframes useful?
What do you use on a daily basis to create low-fidelity wireframes?

Best regards,


Hi there @stephane-klein! I would go for the pencil tool (curve) and draw them myself, that’s how I do when I need this kind of stuff.

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