Heavy performace drop upon hovering on artboard

There is a bug upon hovering on artboard (more visible effect on bigger projects).
Upon hovering on artboard that has many elements the performace drops significantly. It’s way slower when trying to navigate. Upon moving mouse away from artboard the performace is still slow.

I think it is because penpot tries to load/make editable elements inside artboard upon hovering.
Even on larger artboards with many elements like iconset, or component set it is smooth until mouse hovers on any artboard…

The effect goes away when switching pages.

Not much different on chrome.

Used machine:
CPU: i5-4670K
GPU: RTX 3060 12GB RAM
RAM: 12 GB DDR3 1066Mhz
OS: Win 10 22H2
Browser: Firefox 113.02 (64-bit)
(Ticked option to use hardware acceletation whenever possible, cache enabled)

Hello @Losio , the team is working right now in fixes that we believe will help with the bug you just reported. If it’s ok to you, could you email us ( support@penpot.app) the file, so we can do a test to check your problem?

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I used Material Design 3 template avaliable in Penpot libraries and templates section at the bottom. Trying to hover or even move first group within Cover page can recreate this problem.