Grids outside of the boards that cannot be moved nor erased

I have found three grids on my team workspace that cannot be moved nor erased (see the screenshot)

Is this a functionality or an error ? How can get rid of them ?

Hi @guillermo would be possible to share the file with the penpot team?

yes, we can do that !

Please send this to with the description of the problem and the file.

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unfortunately I lost the boards with the unexpected behaviour. I was copying / pasting the boards in order to prepare the file to be shared. But I also found a problem during this process. Copying the files was really a slow process. After each copy, the boards disappeared (as expected) but it was impossible to get them back at the pasting part of the process…

I wonder if this behaviour could be related to the public server, and if having penpot working on elestio could make the design process more reliable