Feature Request: Font options for stylistic alternates

Hi, im using Pentpot for my last projects and try to migrate from Figma. A missing feature is the option for stylistic alternates with Fonts, which have an alternate set of letter design. (For example the Font “Inter”).
In Figma it sets the CSS-Code to “font-feature-settings: ‘salt’ on;”

It would be great if you could implement some more settings / options for the font-panel like in Figma, to use more of the font possibilities .

Thanks and keep up the great work


Hello @72dpigraphics, Font is something that we are working on improving it. We have a user story in our backlog to be done about Font feature settings. You can keep an eye here: Taiga


I appreciate the request from @72dpigraphics and I checked the user story on Taiga as well as the GitHub issue. You folks at Penpot are doing a great work and I am happy, that this useful feature is hopefully coming to the app in the near future.

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