Responsive support like in CSS! Great for devs!

I forgot how got this feedback but I’m certainly not the author, supernice feedback tough!

"There are couple of things that dev teams of popular tools like Sketch, XD and even Figma are neglecting/overlooking.

One of the things is a proper responsiveness features.
If a design tool implements advanced responsive features for mock-ups (basically implementing the CSS features like Grid and Flexbox, as well as the ability to specify object sizes as percentage of parent container sizes, defining overflow behaviour etc.)

The second is no less important is a special plugin API for inspect mode.
So the developers working with UI technologies such as Flutter, XAML, Qt, GTK.
Currently the design tools only show code snippets for Web, iOS and Android, with complete disregard to other no less widespread technologies. And AFAIK none of the tools allow to make a special plugin for an inspect mode.

The third - variable and icon fonts. None of the tools detect the variable fonts and work with them as such, only distinguishing between increments of font-weights as it done with static fonts. Also none of the tools provide a glyph overview for working with icon-fonts. And without external tools, picking the right icon from an icon-font is very tedious.

In my opinion, as an individual used all three of the tools for work for more than 4 years, these feature sets could make Penpot stand out."


This person is definitely on to something! I certainly see the merits of each and want add my support to them all with weight in order of 1, 3, 2.