Feature Request: Export to HTML Plugin

Hello! I ran across a Figma plugin that could export a project into HTML and CSS, and found other community plugins that do the same:

I would love to see a similar plugin or feature in Penpot for those of us who design websites.


Here are more similar Figma plugins (the forum blocked me from posting the rest because I’m a new user):

It’s quite a popular plugin in the Figma community, would be happy to see this later on in the future in the Penpot community.

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@candidexmedia: What would you like to use the plugin for? (To export the project for testing as a file, provide a code foundation for HTML code, use figma as HTML editor etc.)

For Figma, I believe it’s used to provide a code foundation for HTML code. So, someone could design a landing page on Penpot, export the board as HTML + CSS, make some changes, and host the files on a static site server like Netlify or GitHub pages. This could be useful for those who wants to quickly test website ideas, design and host landing pages, and/or have limited web development skills.

Canva has started offering a visual site creation function, but you can’t export the HTML + CSS from the app.