FAQ - What is in Penpot’s roadmap for 2023?

Our roadmap reflects our dedication to providing cutting-edge design tools, fostering a thriving community, and promoting innovation.

  • Components V2: Improved control, immediacy, and familiarity for component editing and use.
  • UI Revamp: A redesigned workspace for better aesthetics, componentization, and accessibility.
  • Grid Layout: A flexible and powerful CSS-based layout system.
  • Plugins: A system for extending the app’s functionality without modifying the core code.
  • Component States & Variants: Manage component states (hover, focus, disabled) and variants (with/without icon, sizes, rows/columns) seamlessly.
  • Design Tokens: Better management of design variables like colors, fonts, space values,shadows, etc.
  • Performance Optimizations: Many improvements in the performance as enhanced SVG rendering.
  • PM Tools Integration: Streamlined integration with project management tools (Taiga).
  • Measure Units: Add the possibility to use design units that match code units (rem, em, VH, VW) for better consistency.
  • Invites and Permissions: Overhaul of the invitation system to address user concerns.
  • Quality of Life: Ongoing improvements to existing features and the addition of basic functionalities to enhance the user experience.
    • Images
    • Gradients
    • Paths
    • History versions
    • Scrollable boards
    • Workspace layer management
    • Variable fonts
    • Advanced prototyping

We would love to hear your thoughts about our roadmap. You can check the advance of the project at Taiga.