Feature Request : add a trash can for deleted files

A simple idea I thought about today as I was deleting some files…

Sometimes we make mistakes, and it would be a real disaster to delete a super important file that took 20 hours of work by mistake…

Would be nice that when deleted, files are moved to a trash can. From which they can be permanently deleted if desired.


Very nice idea, I had this issue a while back when I was creating a few things for my YT channel. Had two files with the same name and deleted one of them that I thought was the one I was not working on… Well… It seems I chose wrong and that’s just history now :rofl: :rofl:

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Yep, and thinking of this scenario pushed me to save a backup of an important file I’m working now on my computer, just in case !
A trash bin would really be a life saver for these situations !

Great idea. I did put this on github: Feature: File deletion to trashcan · Issue #4775 · penpot/penpot · GitHub

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Hello, we created a user story on our backlog with this feature request: Taiga

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Awesome thanks for your quick reply !

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