What is the roadmap for 2024?

I’m a new user of Penpot and I wondered several things about penpot.

I saw that Component states will be developped.

How and where can I see the roadmap of new features ?

Best regards

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Hello @Stefan, we are still working on a more clear roadmap for 2024. However, you can see here what to expect from Penpot in the first quarter of the year:


Hi @carolina.portugal ,

thanks a lot for your quick reply. Do you plan to develop Components states ?


Yes! It’s in our plan :smiley:

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and… do you have an estimation of this update ?

Just watched the video. The CSS grid example is outstanding! :clap:t3:

The components look interesting but I would need to play around to get a good understanding :stuck_out_tongue:

Really excited for the 2.0 release :raised_hands:t3:


Huhu, it’s so sad I can’t wait for this 2.0 release. Is it scheduled for the first quarter of 2024? I really think it’s coming out this December, haha. Forgive me, I just can’t wait any longer! :joy:


We’re all waiting patiently :pray:

I’m not, I’m super impatient :cold_sweat:.
Grid is amazing but I can’t wait to try out the updated components.

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I have a full design system of 1000+ components waiting to be moved from Figma to Penpot , I’m waiting the 2.0 to start moving, hopefully we’ll see it soon!!

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@Raouf_Belakhdar Why to switch from Figma?

What are states in this context? U mean states like figma states for prototypes or something different?

I’m sort of similar. Just waiting to see how the component updates will work to build out the NuxtUI deisgn system for myself and others to use. :slight_smile:

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I like using Figma, but I want to use Penpot for professional projects too. I’m not fully switching; I just want the option to use both for my team and projects. I have a bunch of resources I made in Figma to share with the Penpot community, but I’m not sure about moving them to Penpot because it might take a lot of manual work. I want to check out the latest Penpot version first before deciding anything.

I use Figma for professional work as that’s what we have in place. I am transitioning over to Penpot for personal projects and side hustles. I remember doing the same years back when everyone was on the Sketch wagon and I was preaching about Figma. Seems history is repeating itself :slight_smile:

But why to switch for personal projects?