FAQ - How can I use Penpot together with Inkscape?

Inkscape is a very powerful Open Source vector drawing tool. At Penpot we use it daily for our SVG creations. A very common use case we have is to use Inkscape to work with vector illustrations, icon sets and other graphic assets, before importing them into Penpot to create more complete and visually attractive interface designs. There are other tools that can complete your workflow, such as Quant-UX, which is very good for learning about your users’ interactions with your product.


This is great info, thanks. Are there any special steps you take when transferring objects from Inkscape into Penpot (like saving as a generic SVG or exporting as a .ps or whatever), or is it just a matter of uploading the SVG file as-is?

No special steps, no “Inkscape importer”, the best way is to import the SVG as it is to Penpot, that works with SVG as file format.


Which is also open source :heart: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for these tips.

When would I use penpot and when would I use Quant-UX?
Looks like both share a common set of features.

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It would be tempting to go on a feature-comparison mode here. Both tools have things in common. It depends on what you want to achieve.

Nowadays Penpot stands out in the creative and prototyping part generating projects that involve the whole team. Quantum UX is exceptional for learning about your users interactions with your product and analytics :slight_smile: