Anyone Doing Logo Design in Penpot?

I have a workshop available in the Figma community to help designers and the design curious to knock out basic logos for their teams. I was curious if anyone has been doing any logo design or branding design in Penpot yet. If so, would love to see what you have made!


I’ve experimented that a bit a while back, though not extensively. Penpot couldn’t meet all my needs, so I switched to Inkscape. Nonetheless, Penpot did suffice for some of my experiments.


I really like that OP1 concept! Yeah we definitely still need better curve handling right now.

I keep using inkscape, since I see Penpot mainly as a UI-Design tool. I would probably use penpot occasionally for logos or the like to collaborate with others or demonstrate design techniques (but currently sharing options are too limited for that).

Nice workshop, btw!

After a bit of personal experimentation, I have made a handfull of logos in Penpot from beginning to end with great success. Not only have I found the toolset quite capable for my needs and workflows, it has been seamless to share and collaborate with clients.

The one notable hurdle I have faced is the ability to “Expand Appearance” (converting text/strokes/etc to vector shapes). There is an open ticket for “Outlining Stroke”, but unsure if this will include text -

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I hadn’t even noticed the inability to outline stroke or flatten text until you said this. That definitely would hamper logo design pretty significantly. Glad you’re getting to experiment with this!

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We are trying something like that in KDE:

but keep in mind, it’s very WIP:

And Penpot is just for organizing the logos, for now

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