FAQ - Why is Penpot different from [X proprietary product]?

It would be tempting to go on a feature-comparison mode here. That’s not going to happen. In terms of functionality Penpot is just fine already and with every new month, we will be bridging the gap between other well-known tools (founded between 2010 and 2012) and our hectic release cycle.

What is really different is the combination of four key elements:

  1. Open Source . This is a game-changer for the design and prototype world. It means you can trust your designs are your own. You can adapt or improve the code or benefit from others doing so. You can host your own Penpot instance (also, native app in the works). You can integrate it the way you want. There’s no limit with technology sovereignty.
  2. SVG . The fact that we don’t go for yet another proprietary format is a blow of fresh air. SVG is what code needs and wants, making the cooperation between design and code suddenly much easier.
  3. Cross-domain team focus . Teams that are able to integrate many different skills and backgrounds and still enjoy a fruitful conversation (and project) are amazing to watch. Penpot aims to deliver the perfect tool for visual designers that is wholeheartedly embraced by developers too.
  4. No platform dependencies . Penpot requires a browser, that’s it. If you want to host your own Penpot instance, that’s fine too. We plan to release a native app bundle later this year.

There is a theme here. Universal access. That’s why we love to call our product Penpot, there’s nothing more personal and yet more universal than a pot full of pens. It’s all about choice.

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