Can't log in - on premise env

Hello, i have created a user using the, and I can’t login using this user, i am getting “Username or password wrong” although I know that they are correct.
Any Idea?

Hi @orirot123 !

How do you know they are correct?, did you try to create another user?

One more question, are you serving penpot under a different domain than localhost?. If you are doing that remember to set the flag disable-secure-session-cookies (2. Advanced Configuration)

A similar question → Cannot log into Penpot on fresh docker install. · Issue #1979 · penpot/penpot · GitHub

It worked!!!

בתאריך יום ה׳, 17 בנוב׳ 2022, 12:03, מאת Alex via Penpot Community ‏<>:

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