Followed installation instructions for Docker. Now "something wrong has happened" on log-in

Hi all. I followed these instructions on my Mac (latest OS, 13.4). I created a user from the command line, but when I try to log into Penpot at http://localhost:9001/#/auth/login I get “Something wrong has happened.” It’s not a credentials problem, because when I use the wrong password it says “Email or password is incorrect.”

Any ideas?

Hello @Stokestack

This can be produced for a lot of reasons, you could check your javascript console to see if it’s a front error, you could check the docker logs to check if it’s a backend one…I would also recommend you checking Issues · penpot/penpot · GitHub, there are some of them related to docker configuration and their solutions

Thanks for the reply. There’s nothing in the front-end or back-end logs that appears to be related to the failure (nothing at all in the back-end Docker log after each log-in attempt).

I checked Github and found this issue, which could be the same problem.

Try a Chrome browser. It worked for me.

Thanks, but it can’t be a one-browser tool.