Bringing Penpot, to your tablet! (In the making)

This is community software is not an official app by the Penpot Team.

Isn’t it exciting? For a little while now, an app for tablets has been in the works, primarily for Android and iPadOS.

The app’s goal is to be identical to the desktop version I started working on in September 2022, with simple tab management, the option to work with your own Penpot instance for offline usage, and to be as cross-platform as possible, already supporting Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Development so far has went mostly smooth. It is being built with React Native using Expo and their EAS tool. You are welcomed to contribute to the project and help is wanted by developer who are familiar with React Native. Just like Penpot and Penpot Desktop, Penpot App is 100% open source.
Code is available at:

So far, I’ve been testing this on a OnePlus Tab and an iPadOS simulator.

I would also like feedback and get some interesting ideas about what could be added to the app. Also, I am curious how a stylus would work with Penpot, I didn’t get one yet.

There are plans to make an early access version available on Google Play and TestFlight. This article will be updated once early access is available, so please check back later. APK and IPA files will not be given; instead, you can compile it yourself or use Expo Go.

React Native Developers Wanted!!!

While I have a lot of expertise with desktop tools like ElectronJS, I’m still a little rusty with React Native. If you have experience with React Native, please feel free to contribute to the project; any help would be much appreciated.

Also check out: Introducing: Penpot Desktop


OMG I’ve been waiting for this!!! Finally Penpot for iPadOS. YEESSS PLEASE !!!
I keep my fingers crossed!!! Waiting for first version!!

I guess I’ll make sure you get a TestFlight link once I get that out.

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Hey @Korbs that awesome work!

@Korbs Great job!! I’m not a developer, I’m a designer, but I can contribute by testing, providing feedback, or assisting in any way you need within my role.

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@vic, I’m interested in how Penpot itself performs in the app on a real iPad.
The simulator I had running…was acting weird:

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Hi there! I’m Juan from the Penpot design team. I’m ready to help if its needed. Please send me a test code for iPad testflight when you want :slight_smile:

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Pencil will be very useful. Check Affinity Designer for iPad and get ideas.

Hi @Korbs
I’m really excited to see the ipad version…it will be really a game changer… I’d like to get the testflight link if it’s ready… I will provide design related feedback… and also you need to checkout Affinity apps on ipad…They somehow achieved desktop grade softwares on ipados itself… If you want to go through their apps for reference they have free trial as well…Else i have universal licence on affinity suite…i will share my credentials if required…

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Hi, this looks amazing! Let me know if you want any more iPad testers, I’d love to help.
Not sure how many UX changes you are considering, but the Affinity Designer reference is a good call. Also the customisable Figerative shortcuts, although I’ve never got them to work. Something which works with pencil / not having to have an external keyboard, great to add to concepts when out and about :grinning:

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@Korbs Any updates on this project?

Development seems to be stuck, as there are not contributors.

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Penpot, Korbs, take my energy. If you need design or financial help to make this happen, please let me know. I really want this to happen.

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