Mobile App Experimentation (Demo)

Hey everyone, I’ve enjoyed and will still continue to work on the community edition of Penpot Desktop.

Right now, I’m currently playing around with React Native to see what I can do on the mobile side. The current purpose of the app for now is to show the prototype preview of your Penpot design.

This won’t be public, at least for a long time, as I’m not really a fan of mobile development. If you are interested, might be best to wait for the Penpot team to create an official application. Plus my subscription to Apple Developer is expiring soon and I don’t really have money to renew that.



This looks promising !

Just to test CSS tweaks I made, what I made only scans QR codes and literally opens it in a WebView.
This could literally be used for things other than Penpot.

This is amazing!! I believe Adobe XD has a similar feature, which I really enjoyed.

If you have a donation link, please share it. Maybe members of the community can help you renew your Apple Developer subscription.

I do have a donation link: Korbs Studio

However mobile development isn’t really my thing, I mainly focus on desktop.