Allow rearranging each shadow

Let’s say an user has the following component (hopefully they don’t use these colors though :D)

  • Fills

    • Top color: 100% white
    • Bottom color: 20% black
  • Shadows

    • Shadow 1: 20% blue (x: 0, y: 4, b:0, s2)
    • Shadow 2: 20% green (x: 0, y: 1, b:0, s2)

The user would be able to rearrange the bottom fill to the top, but not the shadow. The user started by adding a larger shadow, then adding one for additional contrast. If all of the shadow’s color were black, it wouldn’t matter, but in this case, the green shadow added after the blue one will not be visible.

The user would have to resort to changing all of the values again, despite the fill colors behaving like the user expects.