Feature Request: Copy and Save Styling

This is an existing feature in diagrams.net

It’s also a feature in figma I believe. If nothing else there is such thing as text styles and color palettes that users can save and mass apply.

Basically the idea is that you can right click a layer, with it’s fill, stroke, shadow etc effects applied, and then copy paste that over to a new object.

Would be even better if you could then save that style as part of a palette in a design system library.

I can explain more if needed.


The explanation is clear enough. We already have a task defined that is just waiting to get into our priorities: Taiga. I’ve attached your request so we can get back to it once we start designing it and also to keep track of the interest from the community.

We also have a related idea, which is to have a new asset type at the libraries that allows to store more than one property in it. Sometimes you want a style with text and color properties and there should not be the need to apply them separatelly, right?


+1 I’d like to vote for this feature. It would be extremely helpful to have one. I heavily use this feature in Figma.

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