Feature requests: Setting up spacing between elements + Tidying up selection

I love the new flex layout. It has been a game changer and saves tons of time. However, I do have a feature request in terms of spacing between the elements and tidying up the layout. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Currently, what I tried is to create a flex layout and then setup the space between two elements. Then, I remove the flex layout, but that leaves an empty board and it requires some effort in cleaning up the layers.

I believe this tidying up / spacing between elements feature coupled with flex layout will save huge tons of time.

Few more requests I want to make some of which have already been raised by fellow penpotters in the community. I am also categorizing them as should have and nice to have:

  1. Copy and paste style of an element (Fill, Stroke, Effects, Typography, etc.) - Should have
  2. Repeat grid - Should have
  3. Double click an element / right click (say a rectangle) to add text. This will create a grouped object - Nice to have feature.
  4. Shortcut repeat an action-like in PowerPoint / Word by pressing a short cut key (say F4 button). For example, you apply a fill color to an element and want to reapply, pressing the shortcut jey will repeat the action i.e., in this case apply the same fill to the next element with the same color - Nice to have feature.

Hello pmabdullah87,

That feature you’re suggesting is designed already and we’re looking forward to implementing it, hopefully soon :wink: you can check it out here: Taiga.

We will consider your other requests.

  1. Regarding the first one: You can do some of this by saving typographic styles and colours (fill, stroke… )to your library and then reusing it later. We’re currently working on expanding that section a bit further.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean with the second one: repeat grid. Perhaps you mean having the ability to save a grid as a library item?

Thanks for your message

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Superb… Happy to hear. That will be a huge timesaver. Thanks a ton :smiling_face:

On the second part, what I meant is something like this (this is from Adobe XD). This will help in repeating an element especially, when making a card list or elements like that. Not a big deal, if the spacing feature is implemented as one can simply duplicate the elements and then apply the desired spacing to it. This will simply speed up the process.

Here is how it looks - A single element is repeated multiple times
No repeat grid

With repeat grid

Oh I see what you mean. Right now I can only think of a way around for that: to copy paste an element several times and put them in a flex layout board with the wrap option activated.

I’ll let the team know about this suggestion :wink:


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Flex layout is a good workaround for this use case. One can create groups / nested flex boards and apply a flex wrap. However, this will be a productivity booster especially w.r.t. multiple card based layouts. Anyway… Thanks for the tip and taking this to the team :slight_smile: