Feature Request: More sort options for colour and predictable behaviour when adding new colour assets


Was working on adding some colours to the colour library of a file this morning. I like that you can group colours. I was a little confused when I was adding new colours though. I am not sure what sort order the colours are shown in, and at one point I assumed that they were listed according to how recent the colour was added. It seems that you are sorting them in some other way.

I would like to request two features related to this component. One is that there are “Sort Options”, perhaps as a context menu option with a modal, or perhaps as an icon and dropdown. The idea would be that it would be possible to sort each individual group of colours in different ways. Perhaps “Newest”, “RGB Value” and so on. Simultaneously I feel it would be nice to be able to manually re-order the colours via drag and drop, such that colour order is saved, and is used when listing the colours in the colour palette.

Obviously, this is not a major improvement or a necessary feature as such, just a nice to have. The UI for colour management works perfectly fine as it is, this is just for people like me who might want to be particular about how their colour assets and the palette displays their preferred colour. So I understand that this sort of feature request would be a low priority.

Thanks again for this amazing software.