Add .webp export to Penpot

Hi guys, the title is quite self-explanatory, but I believe Penpot can innovate if it adds support for WebP image format. Other tools usually ignore that format but .webp is an optimized and modern image format that would be very useful for exporting boards with a better compression.

WebP is an image format designed to provide superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. One of its key advantages is that it produces smaller file sizes compared to traditional formats like JPG and PNG, which are already supported, without compromising image quality.

The usage of this for a project is to allow faster loading times and reduced bandwidth usage. Furthermore, WebP supports transparency (like PNG) and animation (like GIF).

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I believe this will be solvable by the community, after they’ll release the plugin API. I think approach is better especially for this file format which is not widely adopted, yet. (e.g. many OS still don’t support it)