Export PNG with transparency

Hello Penpot staff and community. Is there an option, to export a PNG with transparency? I was not able to export an item containing text to a transparent PNG. It may well be, that this is by design and might eventually get implemented once, but I would like to know, if it can be done in the actual release. Thanks in advance.

Hello @markuseicher, you should be able to select the text separate from the board and then be able to export without background.

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If the problem is that you are exporting a board because you want this dimensions for the image you can deselect the option “Show in sports” from the Fill property so the background will be transparent when exporting it as png.

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Thank you both for your quick reaction, I appreciate your support. I will check it again later. Maybe I missed the option with “Show in Exports”.


I guess it was a bit too late last night for my old brain. :blush:

Both of your solutions work. If I enter text outside of a board and export it, it becomes transparent. The same happens when I do not forget to uncheck the option “Show in Exports” when the text field is on a board. Sorry for the question and thanks for answering to me again. Have a nice day.