You can see how many users are working in the file at the same time?

Members of my team can see changes others are making on a file in real time (simultaneously editing the same file), but we don’t see other team members listed in circle(s) at the top of the editing area. We each only see our own user listed.

Is this something I need to turn on explicitly? The UI walkthrough shows multiple circles with user initials, which is what I would therefore expect.

I recently installed based on the Docker compose example. Access to Penpot is available via Apache reverse proxy.

I found, looking at post Penpot behind a reverse proxy - websockets, that I need to get web sockets involved in the proxying operation. The exact configuration from that post didn’t seem to work, but there were a couple different ways it seemed to work. I settled on keeping the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse that had been sort-of-working, and adding the rewrite rules listed (four lines of RewriteXXX directives).

I’m not sure if it helps, but you can find my configuration here:

I haven’t test it with multiple users however (I’m the only user).

Thanks! Very interesting. I got the same recipe for the proxy as you did, so that gives me more confidence.

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