Penpot runs fine but tries to reach "redis.x.y" every 10 seconds

Posted the following on github discussions a few days back without seeing the banner pointing to this place.

since last night my penpot instance (previously 1.17, now 1.19) sends a request to redis.x.y every 10 seconds.
I selfhost penpot with docker compose and all containers are up and running. I do not get any errors in the penpot backend log.
Very sporadic it also requests domain.x.y. config.env is set to PENPOT_REDIS_URI=redis://penpot-redis/0 like in the docker compose template.
How do I know its penpot? Well, stopping penpot stops the requests.

Maybe some of you have an idea what got messed up last night.

Hello Bernd_Boruttau

Penpot uses redis for multi-user communication and internally uses the redis instance that comes preconfigured both in environment variables and in docker compose.

If I understand correctly, are you seeing that penpot is making requests to the outside, to the redis.x.y domain? Honestly, I don’t quite understand the problem. You can explain it in a little more detail, especially how you are monitoring these requests. In other words: it would be great to have some concrete steps on how to check/reproduce your observations. Remember, we are a relatively small team and we are involved in many things, so any help you can give us would be more than welcome.