Where is my component?

We have started an important rework of components in Penpot.

For example, many of you often ask “where is my component?” since, until now, components are created in the “Assets” panel, and there is no way of directly changing them, only modifying a copy and then doing a “update main component”.

Now, when you create a component, the layer you used becomes the main component and you may act on it to modify the library component. Other layers are component copies that are linked to the main component.

When this is in production, next time you open a file that already had some components, you will see a new Library page, where all the main components are, for you to use. You can later reorganize them as you like, of course!



The rework progresses!

We are working in a feature many of you have asked for. Now, when you modify the main component, the copies are updated immediately (no more need to “update component”).


The feature is not finished yet… there are still issues with some corner cases, and small glitches around. But I’m so excited that I wanted to show you the ongoing work.


Also there are a bunch of other changes, perhaps not so spectacular but anyway useful. For example, easy navigation to the main component:


Or the ability to restore a component if you deleted it by mistake but it was still used in your file:


Hope you will like it when it’s available.


Really impressive! Great work! I honestly suggest people open those gifs on a separate tab, zoom into them and enjoy them thoroughly!!!

Less is left! The core reorganization of components is done, but there are a lot of things to round off. For example, restore deleted components in an external shared file.


Also ensure that changes synchronize well in all kinds of layers and groups (including masked and boolean), reorganizing the “graphic” section in the assets… Not a simple work indeed!