Component Variants

Apologies for the silly question. I’m new to Penpot - using Figma.

  1. How does componentizing and variants work?
  2. Making changes to the main component does not always reflect in its children.
  3. Making changes in the variants/children, then pushing changes to main components does work…sometimes?

Could someone please explain the whole process of how this works in Penpot? The whole process of making components, component sets with variants, and making changes to them.

Your help is much appreciated.

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Hello @Edje_Rebel , we are doing a rework on the components.

Ah, thanks for the swift reply!

I know there has been a huge amount of work on Penpot and myself and I’m sure many others are super grateful, but is there any updates on the components.

I’m currently finding making simple things like a button really difficult to maintain and prototype.

Sorry to sound super needy :stuck_out_tongue:

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