Components with children

Is it possible to create a component and add persistant children to an instance?

Currently, when i add a children to an instance and update the component from another instance, all children got destroyed or overwritten.

Example: create a component, that includes a board.
Add 2 instances of that component to the page.

Add add layer to the board of instance 1.

On instance 2 click “Update main component”.
The layer on instance 1 got removed.

Iam sure i misunderstand something, but this “component” system is not really usable as components, espescially if you modify the layout later and update the components.


I saw that the component system will be overhauled. So i wait for the new system.

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This kind of problem bugs me a lot currently – where did you read about an overhaul?
→ looks like you refer to this probably: Where is my component? - #5 by hirunatan

@mray I read it in their taiga management tool:
Still wait for it too.
At the current state, it is for me not really usable, only for some quick simple things. For complex Layouts we need the new component system.

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Same here. Components are the #1 catalyst of design work in any phase of the design process. They also make designers feel safe to explore ideas fast, knowing they can easily go back and modify at scale.
Until that’s brought to a decent level, Penpot isn’t so much fun to use :pensive: Hope they focus on that part and fix Components soon!

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