What is the best to import a project made in other app?

I’ve been thinking on switching to Penpot and save money and one of my concerns is working with already made projects that need changes every now and then. Can I import PDF files? Or EPS? Is there a tutorial on how to import third party projects? This migration is important to all of us. Affinity did make easy that part, and that’s why I was able to switch. Any advice will be appreciated.

Hello @AlbertKinng, are you trying to move from figma? In that case, we have a basic plugging that could help you:

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I utilize Sketch, and when they switched to a subscription model, they were accommodating in providing me with a perpetual license without updates. Initially, I was content with this arrangement, but eventually, the plugins began to malfunction, and collaboration was no longer feasible. As a result, Penpot has been a godsend for me. However, I do wish there was a way to import my files, or else I will be compelled to pay for the subscription even if I don’t desire to.

To import from Sketch the best way is export it as SVG and importing it to Penpot.

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