Union Selection?

Back in early April, I was working on updating the SudoVanilla logo for it’s major update that was coming up at this time, so I opened Penpot and got started. The logo needs to use a “Union Subtract” method for the ring portion to add cutouts where the “V” will touch it. This is to help seperate the V and ring.

However, while trying to do this, I could not figured out where the controls were for union in Penpot, which caused a road block while designing the new logo.

This means I had to resort to Figma to design the new logo, as shown here:

A lot of parts of SudoVanilla are still designed in Figma sadly because of the limitations in Penpot. Bit disappointed, but glad to see at least an open source alternative available.

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I’ve found a little workaround for not having a direct equivalent of union subtract.

  1. Duplicate the overlapping object.
  2. Select one of the overlapping object and the background object and use Union to merge them.
  3. Select the remaining overlapping object and the union object, and use Exclude to subtract the shape of the overlapping object from the shape of the union object.

I’ve mostly used this on basic shapes, but it works in a pinch!

Edit: (Here’s a link to the union tools info in the Penpot user guide… they’re called “Boolean operators” there.)

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This appears to work with basic shapes, but not well with shapes and text. Looks like Penpot needs to improve their boolean function.