Templates in Penpot for our organisations approach to product management for OSS tools

Hey folks :wave:

I’ve been using Penpot for a while as an OSS Design contributor and I’ve been trying to encourage my org to use less Miro and Figma and move over to Penpot. I managed to create the same series of information slides and templates in Penpot as we created in Miro for one of our client projects. These are general resources, templates and activities for product management work in OSS. (apologies for the links to some google sheets docs! I can happily export as an open sheet format if needed!)

Link to Penpot prototype here

I hope folks find this useful :smiley:

Attaching file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xgBJdlzM-oj5SjjeKx9PPKqIupBIDbiu/view?usp=drive_link


Nice to see your templates, they truly look very useful. Would be nice if you could attach the file so it can be edited and reused by other people. Also, you can try submitting it to the libraries and templates gallery through email so everyone can use them.

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