[SOLVED] Show / Hide grid shortcut doesn't work

Hey there,

I’ve noticed that this shortcut doesn’t work for me.

I’ve tried using ctrl + , as well as ctrl + ’ but no effect. Maybe because I’m using a French keyboard ? I tried some other combinations but couldn’t find the right key on the keyboard.

The other shortcuts I use work well (I haven’t checked them all though !)

Hello, for me it also doesn’t work on the plus on my keyboard, but the combination with ctrl and quotes (") key it works, so ctrl ". My quotes are left from the enter key.

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I tried ctrl " as well, but no luck.

The French keyboard is very different though, might be the reason why…

If there’s a way to customize the shortcuts in Penpot in a future update, that should help.

In the meantime, it’s not that most used shortcut so it’s not that annoying.

You probably tried all the combinations, but I’ll just ask anyway - did you try Ctrl with all the keys near the Entree button, all those symbol keys after the letters, I’d try even those left from Maj? And also I see some quotes in the numbers above Z and E (under 3 and 4). The French keyboard is very different looking indeed. I hope you find the solution.

I was 100% sure I had tried that, and actually even did it again something like 10 minutes ago…

But I tried again and found the key that works, it’s ctrl + ^ (the one next to the P on the French keyboard)

Doesn’t make much sense since the location is different from the Eng keyboard, but glad I found it!

Thanks for your help :smiley:

EDIT : I understood why it didn’t work initially, I had to manually reactivate the grid view to ON for it to happen. Now that I’ve done it on all my canvas, I can make them appear or disappear using the shortcut (but even when they’re gone the grid visibility is set to on in the right panel for some reason …)

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Yes, I forgot that in order to even see some grids or turn them off we had to enable them first. Well, glad that you found something that worked.

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