"Scroll to" in prototypes (anchor links)

Hey everyone, I’m a brand new Penpot’s user (I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative to Figma) and just did my first website design.

So far, I quite like this program (even if I find it slow, maybe a desktop app would help that point), but I encountered my first issue while doing the prototype.

I have many links in my menu, some are supposed to go to another page while the others are willing to go to an anchor in my homepage ( like an anchor link) but I don’t find a way to do a “Scroll to” interaction like in Figma.

Is there a way to do it? I guess it should be possible because this is a very common feature…
If not, shouldn’t the Penpot dev team add it?

Thanks in advance.


Hello @ValTOP!

As of right now, scroll to interactions are not possible in Penpot. I hope this feature will be available in the future.