Saucelabs Open Source Fellow Program: a diversity and inclusion program

Last month we had a great chat with the fellows at Saucelabs Open Source Program about what it means to build an open source tool like Penpot. It’s not a live stream but we recorded it and can watch the full video below.

We talked discussed to them topics such as about Design, Community, Open Source, Design tools and processes and w. We loved the experiencechat with Saucelabs!

Saucelabs OS Fellowship Program is an initiative run by Paloma Oliveira and sponsored by Saucelabs, to encourage those who may face challenges getting started in the technology industry and who want to expand their knowledge and skills and be better qualified for well-paid rewarding jobs.

Paloma Oliveira, Open Source Developer Advocate at Saucelabs, has come up with this fantastic initiative to foster diversity and inclusion in the Open Source tech area. She developed a six-month paid program, where the fellows coming from very different backgrounds were involved in the various ecosystems of the open-source world, ranging from design to implementation, documentation, working in the open, etc.

We were lucky enough to have Django Skorupa, one of the fellows of the program and Designers, who shared with us his views while using Penpot. So fresh and straight forward. We loved his feedback! Watch some of his opinions:

During the Design phase of their projects they used Penpot as their open-source tool. And then we helped the fellows understand why and how an open-source tool like Penpot is developed and how it is our design process, as well as how users in the Community can contribute to Penpot.

@myfunnyandy, Penpot’s Product Owner and @diacritica, CEO at Penpot, shared their knowledge with them and to wrap it all up they ran a brief demo on our brand new Flex Layout!