Raster images have a lack of pixel-level visual accuracy

When zooming in on raster images, there is a distinct lack of clarity at the pixel level. A clear example of this can be seen in the attached images

  • Placed screenshot of a browser window corner at 100% scale.
  • Penpot example at 1,000% zoom, showing the lack of pixel definition
  • Figma example of the same image at 1,000% zoom, showing clean pixel definition (Expected Behavior)

Having clean, pixel-accurate visualization of raster images at high zoom levels supports fine-tuned design work that allows for aligned/blended vector and raster assets. I suspect this is a natural result of Penpot using pure SVG to render the canvas vs Figma who uses WebGL (but I might be wrong). If a solution exists, I am unsure if I would recommend changing the default rendering behavior, or if this would be something better suited for a user-level setting.

I believe my topic here expands on and adds clarity to another topic that only references this issue with PNGs and not all raster assets - https://community.penpot.app/t/disabling-png-image-filtering/4089.

Thank you Penpot team for all you do!!

penpot - 100%