Penpots "Hands on tutorial" not working

I’m new to Penpot, looking to transfer from Figma and I wanted to try the “Hands on tutorial” we see when we Sign in. When I clicked on “Start the tutorial” I got an error message (see the picture). Am I missing something? How can I see this tutorial?

Hello @leni

I don’t know if it is broken or not, but I think you can find some content for beginners reading through this: 01· Introduction

Hope it helps you!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it.

Hello @leni, what browser are you using?

Hello, I am using Brave browser. I loged in to Penpot on Edge too and it’s the same problem. Do you have some suggestions?


It work fine on my side, so no idea why you have this issue.

But here’s a quick and easy fix in the meantime :

go to Penpot | Libraries & Templates

Click on the download icon to get the .penpot file of the tutorial.

Then in Penpot import it (click on the … next to a project name to get the import option). Here’s a guide with screenshot to assist you : 14· Import/export files


Hello, now I thank you for your help. I downloaded and imported the file. :+1:

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