Missing Quickstart tutorial

Hi all!

I have no previous experience with Figma, so I’m coming to Penpot with fresh eyes. I wanted to get started quickly with Penpot, and I’ve found lots of reference material and how-tos, but not many tutorials (according to the Diátaxis documentation framework).

With “tutorial” I mean “I don’t need to understand 100 % everything I’m doing right now, but I need to follow a short series of steps that teaches me quickly what are the basic elements I’m going to need the most and how they interact with each other, to finally arrive to some sort of ‘quick win’ that motivates me to continue”.

First thing I’ve done is going to the User Guide, and while I think it’s great Reference material , I didn’t find the “get started quickly” guide I was looking for. For example, arguably the Boards are among the most important objects one has to learn because they pave the way to interactions, but their explanation is “hidden” under “05. Objects”.

Next I went to the YouTube channel, but after squinting a bit and trying to find a “Quickstart” video, I found lots of “Tutorials” that however started with an already existing app, rather than starting from scratch. They are not very useful to me at the moment - on one hand, I wish I had something working already to start from! But also, having an existing document gets in the way for me to understand how basic things like “creating a new board inserts it as the first layer” work (more on that in another post).

Something like “create your first app in 10 minutes” would be amazing.

Hope this makes sense!


I was starting to plan, write and record some quick tutorials including an indepth full redesign of one of my sites from start to finish, but then paused it and waited until the 2.0 release.

Once 2.0 is released I’ll have a play around then get started :slight_smile: I’m guessing a few others are holding off for the same reason.


hello @astrojuanlu !!

that’s a very good idea, we will take it into account! we hope that with the new version 2.0 many people like @Sulcalibur <3 will be encouraged to make their own tutorials. But also be sure we’ll produce something like that too!

in case it helps, for now, I leave you a couple of contributions that you can find at Penpot’s youtube list “Tutorials by the community” =)



Thanks a lot for the recommendations @almu !

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Same here, I’m planning to make some tutorials as well as some templates that I’ll submit for the community library, but I’m waiting for 2.0 :blush: