Penpot Desktop Project

I’ve gotten a couple of emails recently about this. I’ll rebuild the DMG file for Penpot Desktop v0.3.1.

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The file has been rebuilt and sent to the download URL.
Hopefully it won’t be broken.

I’ve lost VNC connection to the Mac this time, so it’s a little hard to test the DMG file at the moment.

Another email was recieve about the new build, this issue is still occurring.
The DMG file will be removed until further notice.

Is Penpot-Desktop working properly for v2.0?

We have just update self-hosting with Docker but I could not connect it to my desktop app. I was looking for a new Desktop version at Install on macOS - SudoVanilla Documentation but there is these Danger warning :

“The DMG file that is usually provided is damaged in the latest release. A download will not available until further notice.”

I’ve got reports it’s broken to some, although it did work for me.

That download is still available through the new dl domain:

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damaged file. I went thourgh installation but then it couldn’t be open.

Sad though cause I was able to use it until I used the link above.

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Is there an older version of PenPot Desktop we can use?

@Korbs Hi the Windows download link on sudovanilla is giving a 404. if you are aware, maybe remove it till things are sorted?

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Yeah the server has been a mess, especially my git control.
NGINX isn’t force redirecting the old URL for some reason.

I may need to setup a Cloudflare rule in the future.

For macOS I just add it to Dock in Safari.
File → Add to Dock…

I mean, is there any other benefit than the icon? There is no service worker for 100% offline support, right?

Just an FYI all links to the sudovanilla domain are redirecting back to not sure if this is something you guys are currently in the midst of working on…

I’m in the middle of major changes.

I constantly get logged out, and it’s really frustrating! Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

Constantly? Is this on a selfhosted instance or official?

It’s an official instance. Constantly - regularly - once every few days if I try to work in the application or upon opening the application after some time in an attempt to give it another chance.