Penpot Desktop Project

This project has been discontinued by it’s developer. Developers in the Penpot Community are welcomed to fork the project and to continue support for it in their best way possible.

Penpot Desktop

Penpot Desktop delivers a desktop-like experience for Penpot users with the additional of integrating tabs to conveniently traverse back and forth between projects. Offline support is available through the select your own instance option in settings, as well as the theme settings that may be applied to either the entire desktop app or simply the Penpot dashboard.

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Wo, this is awsome.
Installed AppImage on Debian Buster and works like a charm. Only it requires to run with --no-sandbox flag. Which often happens with appimages in debian.


It actually may have to do with electron rather then the appimage.

Just .desktop file when calling the executable has to have the the command --no-sandbox and then no issues whatsoever. I think it has to do with debian security. But in this case it is safe to ignore. I think there are ways to do it without the flag too.

But its all good like this too.
Thanks for the app, its nicer then runniing it in a browser.

The link to download for Mac no longer seems to work

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There are currently no Mac versions available since I don’t have access to any Macs.

I’ve got a Mac and would love to help this project out if I can.

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none of the linux links work for me

We can’t connect to the server at

Sorry about that, the legacy update server was dropped as of February 1st.
Links are updated.

That’s fantastic. You can message me a DMG file to add or if the Mac you have is a server, I’ll be happy to add a GitLab Runner to it.

I’m still looking into purchasing a $600 Mac Mini M2 from Apple in the future. Since I’m getting a new job soon, hopefully, I may be able to afford one in a couple months.


Thanks for all your hardwork on this project, would love to be able to use it on my Mac

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Could it be shipped through flatpak as well? Thanks.

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Recently, I’ve been looking into services like Cloudsmith. With it, I can provide you instructions on how to install Penpot from a repo I can control. I’ll be able to provide support for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora/RedHat(RHEL)

I make these decisions because I will only provide formats where it can receive auto updates.

As for Arch, I’ll probably need to learn how to work with AUR in the future.

Update: Has been successful with the repo.

Tested in Ubuntu VM


I’ve been looking into improving automation when it comes to build and releasing updates for Penpot Desktop with GitLab CI/CD, this is going pretty well.

Also, for submitting issues in the future, I am looking into enabling Service Desk on my GitLab instance, allowing you to submit an issue with an account on my GitLab instance.

This reply will be updated to tell you how things go…

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Hey macOS users! I’m currently setting up a headless macOS VM on my server to take care of some of the macOS side of things.

Hopefully development will improve for Mac users.


Now available, been doing a lot of testing

There’s a problem with Windows preview tab i keep getting a error it won’t open

I see this issue has came back. I’ll try to get that working again, sorry about that.

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Hi :wave: I was about post a image. But yeah that’s it. Nothing to be sorry about nothing major Thank’s :+1:

and the Mac VM broke already, this is why I was avoid VMs, they break so easy

@Korbs for you mac VM I of course don’t know how you set it up. But you should turn off auto-updates from apple. If you really want to dive in, you could also turn off all the apple telemetry or unnecessary demon that run in the background to help keep it clean and possibly lower your resource that it will need.

Just a thought, I’m no expert here and maybe you have thought of these things. Here is a rabbit hole for taking control of your mac OS install :wink:

Use these at your our risk, but since you have it in a vm just use copies I guess :slight_smile:

List of scripts to use or reference

Demons script to disable background services

Out dated but possibly useful references