Penpot as a front-end for a collection of documents

I have a collection of inter-linked documents - a Handbook - and would like to give it a graphic front-end, with links and clickable nodes. Has someone done something like this in Penpot?

The documents are posts in Discourse threads, with individual urls. I note that Penpot uses Discourse (we’re in it now) so maybe you have expertise here?

Do you have a handbook? Where d’you keep it? We used to use gitBook but Discourse suits us better for various reasons.

Can an interactive graphic in Penpot (let’s say, a network diagram) be imported ‘live’ into an app (let’s say, Discourse - or maybe, federated wiki) while remaining editable in Penpot?

Can a schema in Penpot (say, a network diagram) be generated from a dataset (say, a spreadsheet of nodes and their links)?

Hi @mikemh, I think other tools will be more helpful for you. Penpot is mainly thought for UI design, so diagrams, their provision and their generation are—afaic—not a main usecase.

Your needs sound like something that could be solved by a tool that integrates meremaid (in the list are both gitbook as well as discourse)

Hmmnn. Thanks :slight_smile: But what I’m after is UI, yes? And making a network of ‘locations’ navigable is a basic function of UI? So maybe I’ll stay on the case a bit longer!

But will check out mermaid - Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs. thanks

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It is UI, but I am not sure if it is UI design! (at least in the way it is typically practiced).

But stay around and you will learn where Penpot can help you and where it probably can’t :slight_smile: