Feature Request: Diagram Connectors

Hi! I discovered Penpot yesterday, I found it interesting and I am amazed after using it. Congratulations for the excellent work!

A small suggestion that I think is not yet developed: connectors, like the ones FigJam has, that are not included in Figma’s standard mode. I think Penpot has not yet developed this tool, and it is very useful to create user flows and diagrams quickly.

In Figma it is very uncomfortable to have to copy and paste the connectors from FigJam, when most of the time, at least in my opinion, it makes sense to have the user flows next to the designs, and to have the possibility to use the rest of the tools to create the diagrams.

I think many agree with me that it doesn’t make sense that in Figma this tool is exclusive to FigJam, and it would be great if Penpot would include connectors among the standard tools of your application.

Again my sincere congratulations to the whole team!




  1. Diagrams are almost always essential for understanding flows.

  2. Connectors are a fundamental tool to create diagrams.

  3. Having designs and diagrams together in one place, a great advantage when it comes to understanding, discussing or reviewing designs by the team.

I would not leave it in the hands of a plugin.

In fact, in Figma there are many plugins to create these connectors outside FigJam (which indicates the need for designers to have this tool in Figma) but none of them efficiently solves the problem.

Having some kind of integrated connector tool in Penpot, would allow to create diagrams, taking advantage of the full potential of the application, such as using components for other diagram elements, etc.

Hi Alfonso,

We have a story created about this already that still needs definition work. It’s not in our list of inmediate priorities but it’s something that we will eventually get our hands dirty with :slight_smile: If you’d like to have a look: Taiga

What is actually in our priorities list is to create a plugin system so stay in tune for that!

Thanks for your message,