API possibilities

The API showcase yesterday was really impressive showing the design tokens.

Does this API mean that people can start making full extensions and plugins like how Figma does? Does this mean there will be an easier way to search and install these going forward?

If so, are there any recommendations of ones to check out now and the source code if possible :slight_smile:

Just excited and curious of the possibilities going forward :slight_smile:


Hey @Sulcalibur ! Thanks for the positive feedback!
APIs is not exactly a Plugin Architecture although it’s a step towards it. You could build your own “headless” integrations inspired by penpot-export utility or your own simply by looking at the different integration capabilities.

So, for now, we all have to wait before we see a) the plugin architecture and 2) plugins! but in the meantime, being able to connect Penpot through its API to whatever CI/CD process you’ve got is totally doable and pretty exciting.

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