Penpot 2.1 release: "Things can only get better!"

We’ve just launched Penpot 2.1! Fun fact: This release was named “Things can only get better!” by a community member at a community event :tada:

Penpot 2.1 comes shortly after our amazing Penpot 2.0, which was a massive effort for the team with a focus on radically changing the overall experience. This time we have focused on improving the code internally and our quality processes, as well as preparing it for long-expected capabilities such as performance improvements and the much-awaited Plugin System (which is already in beta testing stage). Building a product is not just about flashy features!

In any case, we can highlight some of the ‘non-transparent’ improvements:

  • Path editing: Now you can lock the rotation to 15 degrees increment while holding shift on path edition.
  • Real-time persistence: Small changes that slightly improve the experience of multiple editors simultaneously editing a file.
  • The comments appearing in the View Mode now have better positioning, using the same behavior as in the Workspace.
  • Authentication system: we’ve improved a case in the signup flow to make it even more secure by not disclosing some info (that was not critical in any case).
  • We’ve improved the stability of the platform by fixing a bunch of bugs, a lot of them raised by our amazing community <3.

If you’re still curious, you can take a look at them and the rest of the changes in our Dev Diaries.

In short, it is a step that makes us feel that we are walking in the right direction, delivering improvements on a frequent basis and with ambitious challenges on the horizon.

Now let’s go for 2.2!


Congrats to Toby Oliver, he was the one who suggested the winning song title for Penpot 2.1! And I think we can all agree that… Things can only get better! for Penpot :heart_eyes: